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“The way the party rigged this caucus for Donald Trump, almost no campaigning was done here,” said Chuck Muth, a former Nevada Republican Party executive director and conservative writer.

The back-to-back elections put Trump’s popularity with the GOP base in Nevada on display. But they also reflected the former president’s pull among GOP leaders, with the caucuses orchestrated by a state party whose chair was
indicted after falsely claiming to be an elector for Trump
in 2020.

Nevada’s Trump-friendly GOP barred candidates from participating in the caucuses and Tuesday’s primary, which did not award any delegates. Trump allies and prominent Republicans like Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo had urged voters to choose the “none of these” option to send a message to Haley.

Haley criticized the state party for tilting the election in favor of Trump and did not spend time or money campaigning here.

While Trump’s MAGA faithful were pleased with the predictable result, other Republicans in the state expressed surprise and frustration that they couldn’t directly choose between the two remaining candidates.

“Splitting up the candidates, I think caused massive confusion and anger and apathy,” said Amy Tarkanian, a former chair of the Nevada Republican Party.

She lauded Haley for refusing to take part in the caucuses.

“She sent a message saying, “I’m not going to cave in to you guys. Because really what they did is a Trump scheme,” Tarkanian said.

But Tarkanian didn’t let Haley off the hook, either, saying Haley harmed her own cause by not scheduling visits to Reno and Las Vegas.

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